Microsoft Teams Facilitates Smarter Working During COVID

Microsoft Teams Facilitates Smarter Working During COVID

Microsoft Teams benefits businesses by boosting communication and productivity. Since the pandemic began, it has revolutionised the way we work, for the better. 

Microsoft Teams Enables Safe Remote Working

Before the pandemic, Microsoft Teams helped staff work together effectively across separate offices, communicating with clients and freelancers, and international teams. 

During the pandemic, Teams rescued many businesses by allowing them to rapidly move from onsite to remote working.  

With advanced features, such as channels, scheduling, shifts, video conferences, file sharing and more, it has been especially effective in maintaining and actively increasing productivity in what would have been stressful and confusing work environments. 

Many companies had to allow home working in response to COVID, or a blend of in-office, staggered attendance, and remote working. In each of these scenarios, Microsoft Teams has helped employers adapt to these new working systems quickly and with a minimal learning curve. 

Microsoft Teams’ Best Features

The functionality of Microsoft Teams’ Shifts has made it easy for businesses to plan and manage staggered working schedules across multiple teams. With features including Notes, Groups, Requests and Time Clocks, it enables teams to work together safely without compromising on communication.   

You can easily schedule and record meetings, as well as share screens and files, plus categorise groups and channels by topic. Task tracking, integrations with other apps and the supreme usability of Microsoft Teams make it a powerhouse for staff productivity. 

Many of our clients have told us that the thing they like best about MS Teams, is the fact that all their information is saved in one place. Rather than searching through chat apps and emails to find their communications, these are all now stored within the Team alongside the relevant files and folders for the project. 

In addition, because file sharing is so transparent, employees no longer run the risk of working on outdated versions of documents or getting left out of the loop when projects are updated.  

Microsoft Teams Is A Tool In The Fight Against COVID 

It isn’t just inside typical business offices that the Microsoft Teams’ tools are making a difference. While this platform was once a productivity and task management app, it is now so much more. 

Microsoft Teams is helping to facilitate the needs of frontline healthcare workers involved in fighting the virus and saving lives. The uptake of Microsoft Teams by the NHS has been huge, as well as in medical research businesses looking to find a vaccine.  

To help maintain communication between vital workers in the health service, Microsoft Teams was rolled out to 1.3m users of NHSMail between 16th-20th March in 2020. This was to enable better collaboration, while helping mitigate the risk of spreading the disease among frontline staff and those organising care, research etc. 

More than 65 million messages have been sent on Microsoft Teams since it was rolled out across the health service in the UK. In the past week alone, nearly four million messages were sent between NHS colleagues. 

Ask the Transpeed team if you’re ready for your staff to move over to Microsoft Teams. 

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