Backup & Disaster Recovery

Microsoft 365 Backup, Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Data is essential for most business’s and must be easily accessible to allow for a healthy work flow but also secure. To keep data safe and secure, it needs to be frequently backed up and recovered quickly in the emergency of an accidental loss or system failure.


Our Microsoft 365 backups offering a robust backup solution for all aspects of Microsoft 365 applications including emails, file storage and more.

Microsoft Silver Partner

Transpeed are proud Microsoft Silver Partners, looking after thousands of email accounts for hundreds of businesses everyday. If you require any help with Microsoft, contact our team today.


We provide the highest level of backup, disaster recovery and business continuity. This service is fully managed and deliver by us and tailored to your organisation’s needs.

  • File Backup

    File Backup

    Lost data can happen in number of ways, but when it does occur, granular file-based backup is the ideal solution to choose. This service allows us to isolate individual items from a backup set and restore them, whether it’s an individual document or even an email that was deleted a week prior. This additional safety net for companies allows for a smoother work flow and results in a reduced downtime. At Transpeed we complete granular file restoration as part of our managed service.

  • Server Backup

    Server Backup

    In some cases, however it’s not just singular files that need to be restored but whole servers. If your company does suffer from a cyber-attack or hardware failure, then our fast recovery service is the ideal solution to restoring your data.

  • Business Continuity

    Business Continuity

    ‘Time is money’ is a popular saying in business and for good reason. Our business continuity plan and procedures ensure minimal down time and interruption whilst we re-establish full function to the organisation as quickly and smoothly as possible.