Maximising Efficiency: Ensuring Optimal Licence Utilisation Before Microsoft NCE Renewals

Maximising Efficiency: Ensuring Optimal Licence Utilisation Before Microsoft NCE Renewals

Maximising Efficiency: Ensuring Optimal Licence Utilisation Before Microsoft NCE Renewals

Optimising licence utilisation is crucial in technology procurement, especially when dealing with Microsoft’s NCE terms. Clients are bound by these terms for a year, and any surplus licences can become a financial burden. Proactive management and careful planning before renewal are key strategies to avoid unnecessary licences.  

Businesses can ensure efficient resource utilisation by reducing licence levels to the minimum required. This article guides you through Microsoft’s NCE terms, the importance of strategic licence management, and how our company can help you maximise licence utilisation. 

What are Microsoft NCE terms? 

Microsoft NCE (New Commerce Experience) terms refer to the framework within which Microsoft licences its products to clients. Once a client commits to these terms, they are effectively “locked in” for a one-year period with the licences they originally purchased. 

Any changes, including reductions or additions, cannot be made during this period. This contractual obligation can have significant financial implications, particularly if a client holds surplus licences that are not being used. 

This is where the importance of efficient licence utilisation comes into play. By thoroughly assessing their needs and usage patterns before renewal, clients can ensure they are only paying for the licences they need, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs. This is particularly pertinent as new licences can be purchased as needed following the renewal date, but any surplus licences held past a renewal date represent a wasted investment. 

Strategies for Reducing Licence Levels at Renewal 

Tips on Determining the Lowest Possible Licence Level 

The first step in reducing licence levels is to clearly understand your business operations and the role each Microsoft product plays in your organization. Analyse the usage statistics, the number of active users, and the frequency of usage of each product. Consider the potential growth of your business and the corresponding increase in product usage. 

Conduct an Audit: Initiate an internal audit of your current licences. Identify unused or under-utilised licences. This could be employees who no longer work at the company or rarely used software. 

Needs Assessment: To determine the lowest possible licence level that maintains business operations, conducting a thorough needs assessment is important. This involves evaluating the essential software required to keep your business running smoothly. Identify the software that is critical to your operation and the number of employees who need access to each. 

Consider Seasonal Changes: Keep in mind that your licence needs may fluctuate throughout the year due to seasonal changes in your business. Account for these fluctuations when deciding on the number of licences to maintain. 

Reducing Licence Levels before Renewal 

Plan Ahead: Start the process well ahead of your renewal date. This gives you ample time to conduct a thorough review and make well-informed decisions. 

Consult with a Specialist: Reach out to a licence management specialist who can guide you through the process of reducing licence levels. They possess the expertise to help you navigate the complexities of licence management. 

Implement Changes: Once you’ve determined the licences that are not required, implement the necessary changes. Remember, new licences can always be purchased as needed but maintaining surplus licences beyond renewal is a waste of resources. 

Review Frequently: Licence needs can evolve over time. Regularly review and adjust your licence requirements to ensure alignment with your business needs. 

Managing Microsoft NCE terms 

By following these strategies, businesses can avoid unnecessary expenses and ensure the efficient utilisation of resources. You can optimise your investment in Microsoft products and services by reducing licence levels to the minimum necessary before renewal. 

If you need help with this process, contact Transpeed for expert help and advice. 

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