How to Spring Clean Your PC

How to Spring Clean Your PC

Anytime is good for Spring Cleaning – especially when it comes to PCs.

When you’re busy at work, it can be difficult to take time out for maintenance. But spending time at least once a year removing defunct, out of date, and non-used software can save you time and money by increasing the efficiency of your machine and making it easier to find the documents and programs you use every day.

Why PCs need Spring Cleaning

So, how does tidying up your PC and getting rid of old software increase the efficiency of your machine?

First of all, you’ll free up space. Software programs can take up a lot of disk space. Get rid of the ones you don’t need so you have more room for those you do.

Secondly, removing old software, documents, and images files will make a big difference to the speed of your machine. Think of your PC as a filing cabinet. Every time you do a search, you’re asking it to sift through all the information and programs you have saved. If your PC is cluttered with unused docs and programs it has to work harder and longer to find the thing you need.

Thirdly, de-cluttering your machine will make it easier for you to work more efficiently. It’s much more effective (and pleasant) to work in a tidy work-space – both physical and digital.


How to Spring Clean your PC

  1. Software programs. Are there any programs you no longer use or were installed by previous users? Check with your IT Support if you’re unsure about what they are before removing.
  2. People often have multiple copies and versions of the same document saved. Remove all but the latest versions to free up space. While you’re in there, create some new folders and file away your documents so they’re easier to access. Tidy your desktop!
  3. Images and videos. Image and video files take up a lot of space and can considerably slow down your PC. Remove any image files you no longer need and any duplicates.
  4. Empty your recycle bin.
  5. Back up your files. Unless you have an automatic backup system, its vital to backup your files regularly. Take some time in your Spring Cleaning process to check you have backup systems in place.
  6. Update your software programs including anti-virus software. If you’ve skipped any updates, make time to run them now. This is vital for the security of your machine and will enable you to take advantage of new features. Check your anti-virus software subscription is still valid because if it has lapsed, you’ll no longer be receiving updates and your PC is vulnerable.

Final Words

While it’s a good idea to have a thorough spring clean once a year, it’s also good practice to think carefully before you download new software at any time. Many PCs contain superfluous software that was installed and never used, slowing down the efficiency of your machine, making your life harder.

Always check with your IT adviser before removing any programs you aren’t sure about.

If you need help maintaining your PCs, get in touch. We can advise you how to get your IT working hard for your business.


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